Monday, April 9, 2012

Mile 7.5-15 of Experiment: Ride Bike to Work Every Day for a Week

Day 1 Part 2, Complete

Ride home way more chill than ride to work, it took forever though, but I also took the long way and stopped off on an errand on the way.  I should have had some supplement or something before leaving from work.  I had a protein shake but was still dragging ass.  Needed a carb-quick energy thing.

The phenomena of cars passing on the left side of speed islands seems like the status quo on Bouldin and Dawson.  And I have learned, I prefer the hill on Dawson to Bouldin: Dawson steeper but shorter and has more shade.  Rawr! 

Totally made the light at Oltorf but missed the light at Banister and Ben White--that Banister hill sucks--although, I saw a very fit man flatten that hill in a quarter of the time it took me.  "Why, hello" is what I would have said if he wasn't already waay, waay ahead of me.  I also got passed by a very fit man just at the top of the hill, on a pretty cool single speed with bullhorn handle bars.  He made the light, and I did not.  Later, at Emerald Forest at Stassney the single speed man rolled up next to me and said, "It's you again".  His name is Adrian and he was riding to his place, way more south than me from way more north than me. 

We rode together and chatted for the last leg of my trip which was actually pretty nice--solitude is good, but so is solidarity.  I'm sure he was having to slow way down since I was dragging ass and on a much heavier bike than he was.  Makes me think, I need to get the Madison commuter-ready and see how that goes.  I tend to prefer the single speed since it is lighter, works my arms and abs more, and I hate sitting and spinning on hills anyway.  Plus variety is the spice of life!  

Not too sore yet... and not too terribly exhausted.

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