Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, Miles 30-37.5 of Experiment: Ride Bike to Work Every Day for a Week

Woke up this morning and so didn't want to ride.  But this is a no BS experiment.  So I sucked it up.  Remembered proximity card today and there were towels in the locker room.  Halleluiah!  But not everything was peaches and cream.  Which leads us to an issue I encounter regularly.  I tend to get into experiences or situations that other people don't.  Sometimes these are good, sometimes they are bad.  For instance, just last night I was roller skating and fell, right on my skate.  Huge painful bruise on my right glute.  Hurt so bad when I did it, I didn't want anyone to talk to me for a couple minutes.  Ouch!  So I have this reputation in my family of being clumsy, but that's really not the case: the more you do things, the more good and bad things will happen to you, in life, in cycling, and in roller skating.

On the way home, I was waiting at the light at San Antonio and Cesar Chavez.  A woman approached me and asked me where "Gwad-a-loop" street was.  I pointing the direction and said it was the third light, back the way she and her friends came.  She had an exasperated look on her face and asked me again where it was and I said, "It's the third street, that way."  Right then my light turned and I went through the intersection.  And then it hit me.  They probably were looking for "Gwadaloop" or something to that effect, not "Guadalupe" although phonetically, in English, Gua-da-lu-pe would actually be pronouced Gua-da-loop.  Weird.

Anyway, I cruised over to an Air BnB event, my friend Jade is the community manager, and I am an Air BnB host (come stay with me!).  That was fun but I was really tired and ready to go home.  I decided to take the bus home.  While waiting at the stop I noticed this at the stop:

Pretty cool.  I scanned the QR code and verified the next bus was due in 5 minutes.  Of course, this being Austin the bus was 10 minutes late.  And already had two bikes on it.  Dang!  The next bus wouldn't come for another 30 minutes, then it would take another 15 to get to my house.  Or I could suck it up and just ride.  Which is what I did and was not happy about it at all, except that I was passing people sitting at bus stops waiting and at least I would be home soon.

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