Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Proximity Card Debacle. Mile 15-22.5 of Experiment: Ride Bike to Work Every Day for a Week

Woah, is it just not my morning today or what?  I did all that pre-packing stuff last night, made my breakfast and lunch, went to bed after midnight, of course, woke up at 7:15, did the CAPTCHA on my phone to prove I was awake, fell back asleep and woke up at 7:45.  Got ready lightening fast and was on the bike at 8:05. 
Locking up the bike at 8:41 on the nose.  Not bad, not bad, even though I was rushing and totally thought I was riding faster than yesterday morning.  Looking through my bag, can’t find my keys to the bike cage.  I knew I packed them.  Take everything out of bag including, my bra and underwear for work that day.  The bra felt like it was a neon sign you could see from space at that moment in the parking garage at work.   Finally found the keys, buried at the bottom of the bag (must remember to have those easily accessible in the future).  Put everything back in bag, lock up the bike. 
Begin looking for my proximity card.  It is not there and I don’t recall actually packing it.  I look though everything twice because not having the proximity card means traipsing through our really fancy lobby in your sweaty bike clothes, after riding really hard for close to 40 minutes.   At this point, I have to get over myself and just do it.  Go to security and ask them for a temp badge that will get me in the fitness center also.  No dice, none of the temp badges also let you into the fitness center. 
The security guard has to escort me upstairs to the fitness center to let me in.  As if the morning hadn’t been rushed and mortifying enough, there are no towels in the locker room. 

Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  What?  And there is not even a number to call or anyone around to help.  I walk out and look around the gym floor.  No towels.  There are two guys in the gym.  I asked one if he knew if there was anyone in the men’s locker room.  He says “No, I have no idea,” in the most unhelpful way imaginable.  I knock, and go in, really hoping I see towels and don’t see any naked engineers.  I see neither.  Balls. 
Go back to the lady’s locker room and survey the damages and what I’m working with here.  I definitely would have looked better with a shower, but with the use of the hairdryer down there and a couple strategic wipe downs with paper towels, I looked decent enough to go back to my office.  Oy vay!  At least I didn’t forget my phone...

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